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Why reFIT?

reFIT is a faster, easier, and better way to insulate and finish basements.  

R-value Reality

When it comes to insulation, it’s important to understand the difference between the R-value on the label of the product, and the actual R-value performance of the product after it has been installed using common installation techniques.

For products like reFIT, the EPS foam insulation performs to its rated R-value regardless, even after exposure to moisture. In the case of some other common insulation materials such as fibreglass batt insulation products, factors like installation, the type of framing used, thermal bridging, installation of vapour barriers, and the presence of condensation in the wall cavity can have a dramatic impact on the actual R-value performance of the product once installed.
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Insulation and Framing Combined

The proven ICF technology behind reFIT combines insulation and framing together with air and vapour barriers, in one product, eliminating many of the steps usually required to insulate and finish a basement wall. reFIT saves you time by reducing steps, using less materials, and simplifying the installation process.

No Wood = No Mold

reFIT provides a safe and healthy indoor air environment by eliminating the use of wood framing in the wall cavity – a common source of mold, mildew and rot. reFIT’s closed cell EPS foam is impermeable to water and does not contain or emit VOCs, CFCs or HCFCs. reFIT is safe for you and your family and contributes to a healthier indoor air solution.

High Performance Wall Assembly

R13.9 Unlike conventional insulation and framing, moisture and condensation will not affect the thermal performance of reFIT and will not lead to the growth of mold, mildew or rot. With reFIT you get trusted and true energy saving performance that is durable, enduring and saves you money. Plus there’s no drywall screw pops with reFIT making your finished wall look better.

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Energy Seal from Floor to Joists

reFIT panels interlock and provide a continuous interior thermal envelope that eliminates air infiltration at the sill plate, one of the most common and largest sources of energy loss. reFIT’s thermal seal provides the ultimate comfortable living space by eliminating drafts and cold spots. Not to mention lowering monthly heating and cooling costs.

energy seal from floor to joists

Lightweight and Easy to Install

reFIT is a lightweight modular system that’s easy to manage, flexible and adaptable to all spaces. The panels are conveniently sized (16” x 48”), easy to handle, easy to cut and keep the mess to a minimum. The reFIT wall clip and shim system makes wall attachment easy while ensuring the finished wall is plumb and straight. And the best part is reFIT is electrical and drywall ready, making finishing a basement fast and easy.

lightweight and easy to install

Acts as Vapour and Air Barrier

A finished reFIT wall acts as a vapor and air barrier reducing the number of materials and steps required, making for a faster and easier build.

Water Damage Remediation

In the event of flooding or water damage from a burst pipe, the thermal performance of reFIT panels remains unaffected and the insulation continues to perform at the rated R-value. To remediate, simply remove existing water damaged drywall, replace with new drywall, and attach to the existing reFIT panels. The closed cell structure of the EPS insulation of reFIT panels means there is no mold risk from exposure to water damage.

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